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Maddie Scarlet is a thrill-seeker on the edge of destruction who unknowingly encounters an attempt to communicate with the beyond. Ezra Miller is an Amish farmer who breaks from his family’s traditions and turns his faith toward astronomy. Noah’s Raven tells the story of how their parallel journeys ignite one of the most radical events in human history.

Noah’s Raven was published in August 2015 and is available for purchase at You can also purchase a digital download of Noah’s Raven below using Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

Noah's Raven - digital download

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Noah's Raven - digital download

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About the Author
Jacob Haqq-Misra lives in Clayton, Delaware with his wife Gina and their cats. He holds a Ph.D. in meteorology and astrobiology, and he has written dozens of journal articles on topics that include planetary habitability, extraterrestrial life, and environmental ethics. He is a research scientist with the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, a contributing editor at EARTH magazine, and a percussionist in the psychedelic rock band Mysterytrain.